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About company

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Company History

Geographical location – company seat and its subsidiaries.

Since 1967 Pharmaceutical Company Zakłady Farmaceutyczne UNIA Spółdzielnia Pracy has been located almost in the centre of Warsaw, at 56/60 Chłodna Street. It is the location of the Management Board and a manufacturing facility producing pills, creams, ointments, gels, powders and liquid forms of medications. Since 2008, the plant has been conforming to the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice contained in the EU Directive 2003/94/EC, which is proven by the obtained certificates confirming the Good Manufacturing Practice status. The company is also certified with ISO 14001:2004 (environmental protection), ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system), and meets the criteria of the EU Directive 93/42/EEC (Annex II, excluding section 4) on the requirements for medical devices, IIa Class.

Production facility of cosmetic aerosols, technical, and medical devices offered by Zakłady Farmaceutyczne UNIA Spółdzielnia Pracy is located in Pruszków, just 18 km from the centre of Warsaw.

Finished goods warehouse is located in Reguły, 11 kilometres from the company’s seat. This location allows our clients hassle-free collection of their orders without having to enter the crowded city centre.

Company origins

The history of Pharmaceutical Company Zakłady Farmaceutyczne UNIA Spółdzielnia Pracy dates back to 1937. A group of Warsaw pharmacists founded the UNIA Users’ Cooperative for Pharmaceutical Purchases in order to control the brokerage between drug manufacturers and distributors. The Users’ Cooperative commenced operation on 28th January 1938.
After the outbreak of World War II, the Cooperative was partially resolved, however, after the war, it resumed its business activity in Warsaw, to eventually convert into the Pharmaceutical Cooperative UNIA in 1950.

Company development

The development of the Cooperative and the systematically built product portfolio necessitated the decision on building a production plant with an office complex at Chłodna Street, which was completed in 1967.

The newly built facility made it possible to produce almost all forms of medicines. During this period, the three essential profiles of medical product lines manufactured by Pharmaceutical Company UNIA evolved, i.e. dermatological products, represented by Alantan, Alntan Plus and Cepan, neurological and psychiatric products and antitussive products.

The offer of Pharmaceutical Company Zakłady Farmaceutyczne UNIA Spółdzielnia Pracy includes the products registered as medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics and technical aerosols.

The comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, focusing on the continuous development and modernization of technological processes, qualified staff and flexible management, driven by success, has ensured that Pharmaceutical Company Zakłady Farmaceutyczne UNIA Spółdzielnia Pracy have been positively evaluated and certified by: Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, Lloyd's Register Group, Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A.

Also, the products manufactured by Zakłady Farmaceutyczne UNIA Spółdzielnia Pracy received many industry and consumer awards and distinctions.
Long experience of Zakłady Farmaceutyczne UNIA Spółdzielnia Pracy on the pharmaceutical market, the prestige the company enjoys, as well as manufacturing capabilities and technology have become the foundation for starting the contract cooperation with other industry entities and export outside the EU market.

Currently, the company employs 220 people, each year it launches new medicinal products in the Rx and OTC segment (represented by i.a. Uniben) and the dermocosmetic segment (Alantandermoline), allows us to believe in a bright future and that in the coming years the company will remain at the forefront of mid-sized pharmaceutical companies with domestic capital.